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Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887, Sherlock Holmes featured in four novels and some fifty-six short stories from the pen of the master story-teller. Doyle died in 1930, but by then Holmes and his faithful companion Dr Watson, who narrates the stories, had taken on lives of their own and had become figures of almost mythical status.

      Because readers clamoured for more and more stories about Sherlock Holmes, other writers adopted the well-loved characters and Holmes and Watson have appeared in many films, plays and even musicals! But the pair is most comfortable on the written page and many authors have been tempted to emulate the great originator.

     Alas, some authors have let their imaginations run riot and Holmes has been involved with Jack the Ripper, Dracula, the Titanic, and flying saucers to name but a few. He has been placed in modern America, into the future and far into the past; we have been given his schooldays, his biography and various clones. Poor old Holmes has been mangled and distorted to provide fodder for many ludicrous yarns and unbelievable concepts.

     However, other authors have sincerely attempted to imitate the authentic Conan Doyle style and many of these tales are credible and entertaining. The conventions are observed and the author who knows his job will ensure that nothing anachronistic appears in his work. A sense of period is essential if the reader is to find himself comfortably at home in the late Victorian era.

     The true joy of these pastiches is to imagine that Sir Arthur has once more taken up his pen and given us a further batch of splendid Sherlock Holmes tales. One of the best collections in recent times is



5.0 out of 5 stars 26 April 2017 by angie Amazon Verified Purchase

Very good read.


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book, 11 Oct 2013  by lambo Amazon Verified Purchase

Great selection of stories ...Very readable and excellent plots. A great read for the winter months. Buy it if you can.



  “What makes the tales so enjoyable is the ingenuity of the plots: they are engagingly inventive. One of the best collections of    pastiches for some time.  Recommended.”              David Stuart Davies:  Sherlock Magazine


  “Alan Stockwell does full justice to the character of the famous sleuth with his imaginative, ingenious, inventive plots that are   completely faithful to the spirit of the original Doyle stories. A superbly crafted and grippingly entertaining collection of stories . . . enthusiastically recommended.”                 Midwest Book Review


  “A sparkling collection well worthy to be considered in the lineage of the tales penned by Dr Watson. The stories have very   ingenious and carefully crafted plots and hold the reader's attention until the final page. Their action is absolutely in the mould  so familiar to devoted Holmesians. I can only echo the master’s words: ‘Let me recommend this book . . . remarkable’”  

                                                 Auberon Redfearn: Journal of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London 


  “A perfect collection of amazing cases . . .  a worthy successor knowing the original Canon and the life and institutions of Victorian England.  I spent a wonderful time reading this singular book.”  

                                                   Ales Kolodrubec:  President of the Czech Society of Sherlock Holmes


  “A very enjoyable collection of stories . . .  Mr Stockwell clearly knows his period and his canon . . . he has an inventive imagination.”  

             Roger Johnson: The District Messenger: Newsletter of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London


  “These tales are different from the usual run of pastiches. . .  a fascinating read.”

               Violet Carfax: The Torr: Journal of The Sherlock Holmes Society of the South West of England


The Singular Adventures of



ISBN 978-0-9565013-0-1


Paperback         256 pages


     Recommended Retail Price UK £9.95

                                                  USA $14.95 

                                                                   EU   €12.95                




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